Kamehameha III (1813-1854) came up to the throne when he was just nine years old and initially shared his rule with his half-sister Ka`ahumanu. He was Hawaii's longest reigning monarch, ruling for 29 years and 192 days.

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He issued the 1 cent coins under a newly established monetary system in Hawaii and the designer and engraver was Edward Hulseman.

The obverse of the 1847 Hawaiian 1 cent coin depicts King (KA MOI) Kamehameha III and the reserse bears the lettering "HAPA HANERI" which translates to "part of a hundred" or loosely "one cent".

There are now less than 11,595 "1847 King Kamehameha one cent" in existence. Of the 100,000 minted coins across all varieties; 88,405 where redeemed an exchanged by US standard coinage and then melted.

Kamehameha III died on December 15, 1854 and despite its own political and structural growth, Hawaii remained in a vulnerable position internationally during his reign.
In a speech celebrating the return of sovereignty to the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1843, after a five-month annexation by Britain, Kamehameha III used the phrase, "Ua mau ke ea o ka `aina i ka pono (commonly translated as the life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness)." His words live on as the state's motto.

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