Last May 4th, an extremely rare 1933 penny, featuring King George V, has sold for a world record of £72,000 at Baldwin's Auction House.
This penny is one of only four known to be in existence and was the first to be auctioned. Although it was considered for production back in the 1930's it never went into circulation.

(Credit: A.H. Baldwin's)

The coin dates to the reign of King George V and because the Royal Mint had an excess of pennies in 1932, no more currency versions were needed and the 7 pennies with 1933 date were only minted for ceremonial and record purposes.

The initial estimate for the penny was between £35,000 and £45,000 but after a fierce battle between two bidders it sold for £72,000. A new record was set as the most expensive copper coin.
(Credit: Wikipédia)

I believe Andre Lavrillier, the sculptor and medallic artist recruted to redesign the penny back in the early 1930's would be very pleased to know that his creation is among the most expensive coins in the world.
It is not likely that you'll have a penny worth £72,000 in your pocket or your piggy bank but you can always hope.

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