Larry Bailey, born at the Sydney Women’s Hospital but living on the Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia, collects all Australian Issues, plus pre 1980 for: (1) New Zealand (2) The UK and (3) Canada

"I did once save USA, but my 19 year old daughter now has that collection" he said.

Where does the passion for the hobby comes from?

An uncle got me interested in stamps and I ran with it at numerous times in my life, my older brother Warren also collected, in fact, he collected a few of mine and I think I ended up with some of his.

What compels you to collect?

Stamps are history printed on little bits of paper, if you study a countries stamps, you will learn more than a history lesson could possibly teach you.

Do you use social tools to manage and share your collections?

I produce the Australian Online Stamp Catalogue, a free resource for everyone and this is shared on Facebook and LinkedIn, a project I started as I became disillusioned with the cost of catalogues.

Do you know how much your collection is worth?

To me my collection is priceless, although I do sell sections at times, most generally when I pick up a better stamp than is in my collection and the new one takes pride of place, while the old stamp goes for sale, I also give a lot of stamps away to the young ones as they are the future of our hobby.

Any special item on your collections? Why?

I have a number of special items, many are limited editions or scare, that is why I keep them.

How do you acquire new items for your collection?

I am a dealer and procure special items for a small number of select clients, during the procurement, which sometimes involves multiple deals, I always pickup a few extras, it’s the name of the game (Collecting), I am also an Australian regional director of the IPDA (Internet Philatelic Dealers Association), if someone identifies themselves as one of our dealers you can be sure they are honest for dishonest dealers do not last long with us as dishonest practices are a scourge in our hobby.

Do you have any advice for newcomers?

Be careful of what you buy, as many stamps offered are damaged, making them worthless to a large degree, bent corners, torn edging it all reduces the value of any stamp. I have been asked to look at collections, that someone has horded for 30 to 50 years only to tell them the stamps are all worthless as they are all covered in mould or ripped and torn, clipped so close with scissors that sections of the perforation have been cut off. And sellers on Ebay and a few other groups will tell you they are worth something, not to mention the fakes being produced and sold as the real deal. I have nothing against fakes so long as they are sold as fakes. Another problem is the catalogues that state a stamp is worth an X amount if mint, yet the same stamps are selling for a quarter or less than that amount so there is no way they are worth that valued price.


If you want to now more about Larry Bailey visit his linkedin profile.
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