It is with great pleasure that I introduce Maisa'a Faisal Z. also known as Maisaa_stampista. She's a medical graduate from the the Kingdom of Bahrain and a stamp collector.

Where does the passion for the hobby comes from?

My Father ❤ he is an old collector.

What compels you to collect?

It's very educational for me to know what the stamp stands for and why was it released helps me learn more about history .

Do you use social tool to manage and share stamps?

Only on my Instagram. I am new at this.

How do you acquires stamps to your collection?

Actually my dad gave me his old collection and am always looking for anything interesting.

Any special stamp on your collection?

Can't choose really each one of those stamps resembles an event or a country or an influential character and i learned a lot reading about them.

Do you have any advice for newcomers?

Follow your passion and make the best of it. For every collection is a treasure!

If you want to know more about Maisa'a Faisal visit her instagram account.
Jorge Oliveira - Kollectbox CEO & Co-founder