"Is philately a dying hobby" is one of the first questions I came across while exploring Quora to learn about stamps and philately. "Will stamp collecting die as a hobby now that people grow up without using mail and postage stamps?"


Chris McFetridge president of Brixton-Chrome Inc, a company that provides stamps and postal history from Canada and British West Africa says that "this (the perception that philately is a dying hobby") has been a widely perception since the 1940's!" There are even some issues of the American Philatelists lamenting the future of the hobby. "Most people who hold this point of to the lack of interest by today's youth. however, youth have never been the cornerstone of serious philately - the kind that involves forming speciallized collections, acquiring rarities or exhibiting at the competitive level." This is a hobby that requires both time and money - and these are two things young people almost never have Chris says. "The fact that price records continue to be set in auctions for rare stamps tells me that this hobby is far from dying." As it was said by Mark Twain we can confidentaly say that The report of philately's death is an exaggeration


Kevin Carothers a software engineer just thinks philately is evolving to a different level and becoming more like collecting antiquities and Joe Geronimo Martinez, altough he used to love collection stamps, agrees that philately is dying because "Sales of First Day Covers (FDC) have nose-dived". Varun Agrawal, a birdwatcher, also agrees with Joe Geronimo Martinez because, as he says "In stamp shows and in stamp museums I hardly see anyone younger than me", and he's now 31 years old. António Rubiera has a different opinion and says that "stamp collecting will not die as a hobby because anything can be collected even after it is no longer in use. Even after the last stamp is issued, stamp collecting will be a great hobby". Quinn Willa says that "collectors will always come back to stamps because they are so perfect for collecting."


Sharmilli Priyadarsini, an Indian software developer believes philately is not a dying hobby. Although email has reduced drastically the usage of postal stamps, the postal system is still alive. Also, and maybe for me this is the most important, for stamp collectors, stamps are a "representation of culture, pride and history and there is much more to learn from stamps than seeing them as mere pictures."

For Shashank Bhasker, a philatelist for the past 11 years believes that "even though the number of people taking up the hobby may decline in the coming years, those who pursue it, will definitely have a greater Return On Investment (ROI)."
He answers this question with a great motivational sentence "Don't quit something that seems to be waning in interest for the rest of the world! Go with the times, probably by building your own blog and flaunting your collection and maybe build a digital library of your stamps!

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